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"Utaalam" means "Expertise" in Swahili.

Welcome to Utaalam Guides, here you will find details of the amazing experiences we offer in Tanzania.

Our fully qualified and registered guides have decades of experience leading and organising treks on Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and neighbouring volcanoes.  As well as camping safaris and wildlife tours.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is not without risks – however, working with the most experienced lead guides, assistant guides, and support teams the risks can be well managed.

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Mawenzi peak the second peak of kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount KILIMANJARO Route

Utaalam Guides believes that to make your safaris a success for everything i.e. health and caregivers you need to have the right options especially the right path based on the presence of more than seven routes all trying to give you the highest and safest success for your climb.

We are ready and friendly to offer advice and diversity that exists in every way and which is the best option for you to give you happiness and give you the experience of climbing the mountain.

In these seven or more ways depending on how much time you spend on the mountain and would like to make your trip more important and especially take care of your health then we have been able to suggest a few more ways and that has a lot of good weather that adapts to your body changes so we getting closer to the mountain specialists especially Kilimanjaro and the diseases caused by the very high climate, we are satisfied that we with that expertise and long experience on Kilimanjaro can protect the life of any climber by following the skills and knowledge of steep and mountain climbing.

The guide being number one in all your steps and important person as long as you are on a climb or your journey, we just assure you that we have enough experience to take care of your life not only to get you to the top but to be careful and ensure the safety of your life and your health. Always your guide will be around you to know the condition of each trekker and to manage the service more efficiently. 

Utaalam Guides are a team of mountaineering experts living in Africa- Kilimanjaro where we are the real natives of the villages around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru where after graduating from our previous studies we have been continuing to work to climb the mountain to provide for ourselves and our families and our community in general and while developing ourselves with the quality of the knowledge of this work provided you with the best services.

Northern circuit / New Lemosho route has become the only and best route for the great success for every trekker through this route which has the best environment than other routes by allowing your body to use climb conditions day to day wherein that way to be safer for health. It is required to at least have a trek of not less than seven days and onwards. 

Rongai route we also recommend it and it is very friendly to our trekkers for advice you should use no less than six or seven days for maximum success and we recommend considering the days of staying on the elevation as it will help the body stay in good health while on the mountain and when you finish your trek. 

Standard Lemosho Route we advise our climbers who would like to get a little mountain challenge for some section like Barranco wall, Lava tower and Shira cathedral peak which you will get more opportunities to pass those places though you will be with more users of other routes that connect to some camps like Machame, Umbwe, Shira. Our opinion is that you care about your safety and health and all the services you have with us, we believe that you will achieve your goals and dreams will be successful only when we are close to you for advice on how to be one family at one home by living with you in friendship and love. Remains always of friendship in our hearts i.e. you and us together, we care more about your success

And you will pay the right and true costs for your trip and you will be more likely to know and compare the services you have purchased with the promised service. Click here to find out an example of the price distribution of Utaalam Guides and what will be associated with your payment.

Together we will make this a great and memorable trek to the summit 

Utaalam Guides is a team of Kilimanjaro experts born and raised in Tanzania . As locals we know Kilimanjaro and all the regions of Tanzania , especially the northern part of the country. We have used our experience to select the right routes and most effective methods for our guests. Our proven methods ensure your safety while helping you to adapt to the local climate and altitude. Throughout your journey we will be on hand to deliver the assistance you need.
Whether you are going to the highest peak or the secondary peaks, Mawenzi and Shira, there is always something to see along the way. Knowing that you are in safe and experienced hands, you can take the time to be these present in the moment: enjoying the wonderful scenery and diverse wildlife on the mountain as you climb . Our experienced guides will help you experience the best of the region along the way.
At Utaalam Guides we are proud to provide a caring service as well as a professional one. Our goal is that you will become not only our client, but also one of our big family, so that along the way, we will share in your joy at achieving your dreams. That is why we listen to the needs of our guests and monitor their progress along the journey. In this way we can provide the best advice and support our guests.
Additionally, all of this comes at the best possible rates as our team is local and not working for the profit of owners residing outside the country. When you choose us as your partners on your journey, you are investing in your success by using our experts guides and helping local Tanzanians to thrive in a sustainable way.
We hope we have convinced you to chose us as your guides. Please follow the links to find out more about how we can help you to realise your dreams.


It is cheap/less expensive, to climb mount Meru compared to Mount Kilimanjaro and both are volcanic eruptions very closely geographic features, it offers the best and the beautiful Africa natural resources from the bottom to the top, we recommend this to start with if your plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro after a great idea to reduce side effects of altitudes sickness while climbing Kilimanjaro.

We have a lot to inform our visitors

How about offers for our visitors?

We advise you that when you buy one of our services especially climbing Kilimanjaro then to get this offer you have to arrive in Arusha the day before so that on that day you will take a walk around the village which is at the foot of Mount Meru and learn the various things they do together preparing natural coffee and drinking or visiting Meru Waterfalls 
There is also a lot to visit in Arusha including a local market that sells natural foods and fruits and museums, addition outside the city, there is a “Snake park” or “Lake Duluti” to visit one part of them 

Why do we recommend arriving the day before Kilimanjaro day?

Personal preparation is very important to have enough time and guidance about your important trip to Kilimanjaro and safaris
Utaalam Guides we care and we appreciate your dreams come true with the highest level of success while we care about your presence in us by deciding to choose to travel with us
The guide who will meet you today will be your guide and we suggest you use him accordingly as he has extensive knowledge and understanding and experience with Kilimanjaro as well as other parks, so he will have to go through all your mountain equipment or Kits to advise what is and what to carry with you as well as clothing, talk about tents, food and special requests so this day is essential for the preparation of your trip.

Why are so majority of Utaalam Guides clients have been advised to start the trip from Arusha? 

Most of our visitors start from Arusha to Kilimanjaro or Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire national parks, does not mean in Kilimanjaro there are no good hotels or near Mount Kilimanjaro, they are still there and good also, for example, Kia lodge, Airport planate lodge, and some other at the Moshi town you still have a chance to advise about places of staying separate from the recommended by Utaalam Guides.
We would like to stay in the Arusha hotels which are located here in the northern Parks and is the only city in Tanzania with the best climate and at an altitude of about 1300m which is recommended for most operators’ starting point.
Choose the best service that offers an unforgettable experience you will be given by Utaalam Guides for a fair and honest payment that will please our professional staff especially the team that will be providing you with the service.

The best Day Trips in Zanzibar

 The answer is “Yes” same as saying
Zanzibar is the right choice for you where most of our guests ask for a resort in Zanzibar so we have a host and experienced local guide who will guiding you and make your resort more fun by the way you can choose a place among these mentioned to achieve your happiness as well as a good accommodation with affordable price.  
Serengeti /Ngorongoro crater/Lake manyara/tarangire

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